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Sussie Kjellin – Studio Manager & Instructor

Sussie Kjellin – Studio Manager & Instructor

How and when did you get into yoga?

While at a New Years Eve party me and my friends got ‘tricked’ to try Bikram yoga. 2nd January all of us went and tried a 90 minute class. Those 90 minutes felt like 300 minutes! All of us agreed that is was awful and if someone would have asked us there and then if we would continue we were all agreeing: NEVER AGAIN!

But…the feeling afterwards was just amazing and we all decided to buy an Intro card each. Quickly we all felt stronger and after only about 5-10 classes started to feel good during class too, not just afterwards! I was hooked. From that day I want to practise a hot yoga class every single day. You get stronger, more flexible, calm, happy, healthy… Everything improves!

What do you do in your spare time?

I wish I could come up with some fancy cool stuff like parachuting or something like that, but as boring as it might sound I like spending time with my family and friends when I don’t practise yoga. I have four children who I love spending time with and I’m also lucky enough to have a lot of great amazing and fun friends who I’d like to see as much as possible – so no, no parachute! 😉

What makes you happy? 

To know my near and dear are healthy and well

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