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Juliette Snijders

Juliette Snijders

How and when did you get into yoga?

In 2009 I did a big lifestyle change and went from business woman to organic gardener and yogi. I was curious to do yoga and found a Yogashala in Baskemölla Ekoby. I drove 100 km one way trip several times a week to attend ashtanga yoga and have been hooked ever since. What a feeling it created! Totally different from traditional exercise I had done. I started my self practice in ashtanga yoga and through the years I tried hatha, yin, kundalini and other styles. 2011 I had my first Bikram class and 2015 I completed my teacher training.  I just love the teaching yoga!

What do you do in your spare time?

I would love to write that I do all kinds of interesting stuff like playing the guitar, meet friends and being in nature but mostly I do yoga and try to meet up with my friends. :)

What makes you happy? 

Yoga makes me happy, and being in nature and meeting my friends and family. And traveling.

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