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Irina Khitrova – Instructor

Irina Khitrova – Instructor

How and when did you get into yoga?

My contact with yoga began in 2007 when I stepped into a hot yoga class. I worked night and finished my shifts with the early morning class. In the beginning it was only a physical exercise but eventually I began to notice how regular yoga practise had an impact on my mind. I felt more balanced, calm and purposeful. My interest grew and resulted in a trip to the beautiful Kerala in India, where I trained as a yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya School hidden in between small Indian villages. I have been studying different yoga forms ever since. Yin Yoga, MediYoga and Yoga therapy and my recent interest Trauma sensitive yoga.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like the idea about therapeutical power of yoga and the idea of neuroplasticity. I believe that we can discover much more of our true potential with help of yoga and meditation. So in my spare time apart from all the nice things like getting together with the friends and travelling i love being inspired by books and pods about brain plasticity and struggle with establishing my own meditation practice.

What makes you happy?

Books, travel and cooking is what otherwise give me inner peace. I believe there are different ways to meditate and I have found mine in the middle of the kitchen. I love the silence and the moments when I get time to think and just be and also the feeling of completed something that I didn’t thing was possible before. The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that yoga is not limited to a yoga mat. Mindfulness and love for what you do in everyday life is yoga.

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