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Frida Roslund

Frida Roslund

How and when did you get into yoga?

I was working on a project in Canada in 2009 when a good friend introduced me to Bikram yoga. That was the first time I tried any kind of yoga. I was intrigued by the effect it had on me and I continued to practice during my time there. Back in England where I was living yoga wasn’t accessible for me and it was only few years later when I moved to Norway that I could pick up the practice again.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have a passion for interior design and I spend a lot of time seeking inspiration, discovering new places and re-decorating our house. I also try and spend a lot of time with my loved ones. After many years abroad I cherish every moment I can be close to them.

What makes you happy?

When people are kind to each and treat each other with respect.

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