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Fanny Johansson – Reception

Fanny Johansson – Reception

How and when did you get into yoga?

I got into yoga as a lucky coincidence in 2013 when a friend of mine invited me to join for a free class in a hot yoga studio in Lund. I expected myself to like it, but that I would completely fall in love with it came as a great surprise. As soon as I got the opportunity, I got myself into volunteering at the studio so that I could practice as much as possible.

What do you do in your spare time?

Growing up in a forestry area of Southern Sweden, I really enjoy to spend time outdoors in the nature. A run or a walk, swimming or climbing in the summer time, or even a hike. In the end, what I spend most of my free time on must be cooking. I like to try my way forward with cool spices and healthy products.

What makes you happy? 

Spending time with family and friends makes me really happy! If there happen to be coffee and something sweet involved I’m usually even more happy. Else than that, I love the feeling of being on my way when going for a travel, or the excitement of doing something I never tried before.

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