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Erik Persson – Instructor

Erik Persson – Instructor

How and when did you get into yoga?

I took my first yoga class at a gym in Malmö early 2008. I was doing other kinds of excercising to ge better conditioning to play the drums better when I was touring with my band SUMA, but didn’t really like it. I did enjoy the yoga classes though but also thought that there had to be more to it than was presented at the gym. I checked out a few places and when I took my first bikram yoga class it was love/hate at first try!

I went to Bikram’s teachers trying one year after and has been teaching and practicing daily ever since

What do you do in your spare time?

I play the drums, practice a lot of handstands and spend time with my family

What makes you happy? 

At this point in my life my four month old daughter makes me the most happy I ever been. She is the best!

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