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Hot Questions

1. What is hot yoga?

In Hot yoga we do a series of postures and breathing exercises which are performed in a heated room. A set of postures are performed designed to improve flexibility, increase strength and muscle tone and flushing out toxins through the sweat. Hot Yoga systematically stretches and strengthens all the muscles and at the same time increases the circulation to all internal glands and organs, calming the nervous system down and improves concentration, not only in class but also outside class. The heat allows the body to stretch deeper minimising the risk for injury and also giving you the cardio vascular workout by the heart and lungs and circulatory system being required to work harder. The warmth aids sweating and therefore gives you the added benefit of detox.

2. What are the benefits?

Hot Yoga provides a total body workout. The series of postures are designed to systematically stretch and flex every muscle in a controlled environment, leading to results directly proportionate to the amount of effort you put in. Specifically, yoga is very effective at improving posture, easing back pain, increasing flexibility and strength, detoxing and cleansing, reducing stiffness in joints, relieving tension, balancing hormones, lose weight and helping prevent injuries for those who enjoy other sports and strenuous activities. And you’ll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws at you!

3. How do I prepare for class?

Arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class (30min if this is your first class) You will need 2 towels (1 for class and 1 for shower) one bottle of water and your yoga clothes! (Remember it is hot so best with something not too big and baggy). You can rent a Yoga mat from us fpr 15kr or bring your own (we sell yoga mats too). Yoga is always done best on an empty stomach but make sure you aren’t hungry, have something small before class if you need but nothing heavy within the 2hrs leading up to class. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Come to class well hydrated. It is better to hydrate before and after class rather than during. As a guide, aim to drink one litre of water in the 1-2 hours leading up to your class: this will ensure you are hydrated, ready to work hard and sweat. Most importantly, come with an open mind, no expectations and a positive attitude.

4. Can anyone attend?

Our classes are for everyone, the biggest misconception before coming to a yoga class is that you aren’t flexible enough! Yoga is for everyone. All ages are welcome but please note our minimum age is 12. (Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

5. Cold & Flu

We recommend that if you are feeling unwell, you don’t come to class and sweat it out. Remember: Rest is Best

6. Injury & Surgery

Yoga postures are famous for all their benefits in healing and preventing injuries and have also had people avoiding surgery! Please update your teacher regularly before class of any existing and / or new injuries.

7. Pregnant or breastfeeding

As with any physical exercise, it is not recommended that you take up something new whilst pregnant. However, if you have been practising regularly, for at least 6 months with us and you have consent from the studio director, there is no reason not to continue with some modifications from your teacher. We have ourselves a lot of experience of practising and teaching hot yoga during and after pregnancy, so feel free to talk to us! It’s always recommended that you to check with your doctor or midwife and talk to us before coming to class.

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