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    We open 30min before class starts and close 30min after the last class

We ♥︎ Beginners

Congratulations on your decision!

Here is  how to prepare for your first class:

• Create your account and log in here then email us (reception@hotyogahouse.se) with the required day and time for your first class, so we can book you in.

• Please make sure you arrive at least 30minutes before the start of your first class. You can download and print your registration form here.

• You will need 2 towels (1 for class and 1 for shower) 1 yoga mat, one bottle of water, a padlock and your yoga clothes! (remember it is hot so best with something not too big and baggy)

• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure you have had a lot of water to drink prior your class, preferable during the day rather than just before class. It’s better to drink a lot before and after class, and only a little during class.

• Avoid eating anything heavy 2 hours prior class, if you feel hungry before the class then something light is always good, such as fruit and nuts.

• Come as much as you can during your Intro offer, every day if possible! This is to make sure you get used to the heat quicker.

• Please stay in the room on your mat and towel throughout the duration of the class. Sit down when you need to and take it easy in your first few classes.

• Most important, come without expectations and with an open mind!

Please take a minute to read through our Studio Policy & Etiquette and Questions.

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