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30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge!

Transform yourself, body and mind, by taking part in our 30 day challenge. It is known that it normally takes about 21 days to break old habits. By committing to come every day for 30 days you will experience some amazing benefits and changes physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is very important that you choose these 30 days well, so you know you can commit to come every day for 30 days. You do one class every day for 30 days, you can miss one day but you have to make up for it the same week, i.e doing 2 classes another day (Max twice during the 30 days and not within the same week).

Let us know at reception when you want to start so we can make sure you have a pass that will last the whole duration of the 30 days and explain the ‘details’.

Not only will you gain your personal benefits and experience but you will also be part of our Wall of Fame, where everyone on their 30 days challenge tracks their attendance.

When successfully completing your 30 days we have a special treat for you! We give you 14 days extra of Free Yoga!!


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