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    We open 30min before class starts and close 30min after the last class

About Us

Welcome to Hot Yoga House Triangeln!

We are a contemporary family owned studio in central Malmö, few minutes’ walk from Triangeln, where we offer a relaxed, inviting and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome! We don’t promise to change the world but we guarantee that after trying few of our classes you will have done the first step to change old habits, improve your health and balance between your mind, soul and body – not only in class but in your everyday life. A big misconception is that you need to be a certain way to do yoga – there is no stereotype yogi / yogini – yoga is here for everyone no matter experience, size, age and so on. We aim to receive each one of you with respect and openness and aspire to serve you all with a beautiful space and inspired teaching. We believe yoga should be enjoyable and fun but at the same time challenging.

It is not a secret that Hot yoga is getting popular; athletes, builders, office workers, dancers, young, old, small, big; everyone (!) flocking to the studios around the world to sweat and stare into their own eyes for the duration of a class. There is a reason for it and anyone can do it, no matter old or young, large or small, fit or not, if you can breathe you can do yoga and experience some of the amazing benefits that come with it.

Our classes are for all levels; no experience to advanced; you work with what you as individual have got available in each specific class. Depending on the class, the temperature we use is between 30-40 degrees. The classes provide a full body workout from inside out, engaging every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and ligament to improve both physical and mental strength. It balances strength and flexibility whilst increasing heart rate to deliver a cardiovascular workout too.

The heat provides the perfect environment to allow the body to stretch and bend with minimised risk for injury. The added heat brings many benefits to the classes; it causes your capillaries to dilate, which allows oxygen to be more effectively and evenly distributed to tissues, muscles, glands, and organs, to help remove more toxins from your body and as your body sweats in an attempt to stay cool, dirt is removed from your pores and waste excreted via your liver and kidneys. Sweating also stimulates your metabolism and immune system helping you to burn calories more efficiently and stay healthy.

Whether your goal is weight-loss, detoxing, stress management, improved fitness, recovery from injury, preventing injury or just need somewhere where you can unwind and de-stress for a few hours, HOT YOGA HOUSE is the perfect urban retreat for you.

Our studio is fitted with specifically designed systems to create the best environment to make you sweat and enjoy the warm atmosphere. Our system cleverly pumps in fresh oxygen to enable each one to perform at their best. We offer changing rooms for both men and women which each has their showers. Don’t miss our lovely spacious and cosy chill out area where you can just sit back and relax; no need to rush anywhere!

The benefits are countless but here are some:

Weight loss

Back, neck and shoulder pain

Healing and preventing sports injury

Depression, anxiety, stress

Increasing fitness and stamina


Poor Digestion

Asthma, arthritis and a wide range of chronic conditions

Balancing hormones

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